KungFu Alex (action noun) 1. The Chinese term "kung fu" refers to possessing a great skill, such as a celebrated painter would be commended as having "kung fu" in painting. 

My great skill lives in being myself, fully and actively. I'm best at being me, and that's why I'm KungFu Alex!


From my first performance at five-years-old, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life: bring people together, entertain audiences, and give back to this world. This drive, paired with a decorated career as a competitive martial artist (three Gold medals on the United States Wushu Team, two world titles, and two national titles in the North American Sport Karate Association tournament circuit), fueled me to pursue my dreams of performing on the big screen.

After graduating from university, I broke into the entertainment industry as a stuntman. Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Sherlock Holmes 2, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II are just some of the shows that have nurtured my growth in the stunt community. My career continued to evolve as I was invited to become a Stunt Coordinator/Fight Choreographer for great projects such as the Asian Cup 2011 commercial, shot on location in Africa. Moving swimmingly from on-camera to behind it, I also directed artists such as Bruno Mars, LMFAO, and DJ Khaled for promo spots I produced for LA's Power106 radio station.

Turn on your television or watch a movie and you may catch me in action - whether it's challenging the laws of science in National Geographic Channel's "Fight Science" or exchanging some hilariously colorful dialogue with Will Smith in Columbia Pictures' "Hancock." You can find me teaching Tai Chi in "Mysteries of Laura," selling purses in Chinatown on ABC's "Manhattan Love Story," and punctuating dozens of action scenes in shows like Netflix's "Daredevil," Starz' "Power," and NBC's "Blindspot."

The experiences from my adventures in this action-packed lifestyle afford me the opportunity to travel all over and share my stories with others as a guest speaker in classrooms, public events, and conventions. Grateful for the chance to meet such diverse and talented audiences, I use these forums to shine a positive light in an effort to empower others to realize their greatness and encourage them to share it. Inspiration is the realization of one's potential, acting on that inspiration is fulfilling the personal calling of contributing your unique gift to this world. 

All in all, I wake up every morning with the goal of illuminating the lives of others by sharing what I've been given through my work and through the way I live.